About Therapy with Me

While you work so hard to build your career and your family up, there is an internal sense of despair that is keeping you down.

It’s like you’ve given up part of yourself while you’ve been in “do-er” mode. Balancing the needs and expectations of your job and others feels like a yoke around your neck. You feel overwhelmed and depressed and you’re wondering; When do I get to matter??

And on top of that, it’s starting to feel like your life is running through your fingers like water… and the clock. keeps. ticking.

It’s been hard for you to work through your sense of despair – it’s causing you anxious days and sleepless nights, despite your best efforts to outrun it.

You’ve finally hit a wall and you’re looking for an experienced therapist who can help you break free from the quicksand of your life. Someone who can help you build a new path forward, while also connecting you with the important parts of yourself that got left behind.

You don’t want anyone to misunderstand, you feel lucky to have a family and a job and a house (and even some extras), but you are “itching” to have more and you’re struggling to find that missing part to your life. There’s just an inner yearning that wants to feel more connected, more important, more fulfilled in life. But it also feels selfish to want more and you don’t want anyone else to suffer from your choices or changes, so you stay put.

You “warrior” on like everyone expects you to do, but keeping up your head down and fulfilling your role is getting harder and harder by the day.

Now, when you really look at your life, you feel disillusioned. You don’t feel excited to start your days, you feel lost in a fog of longing for more. You’re struggling to fully recognize who you have become – and on your worst days you feel dead inside! 

Well, I am here to tell you that your life is far from over! 

Your “stuck-ness” does not need to be a life sentence — you definitely don’t need to start running the end credits! I promise that you are completely capable of moving your life toward living more fully; toward true happiness that allows you to be authentically YOU while still caring about others and keeping true to your commitments!

 Hi, I’m Sarah at Therapy Mudita and there is one thing that I know deep down in my soul:

You are here on this Earth on purpose.

You aren’t a mistake! You are meant to live big and your life is FULL of unique potential… IF you harness it! 

Even strong people get stuck in life. Feelings of being lost and insignificant can easily take over and make your future look bleeeeak. When this happens, you can start to feel even more depressed and hopeless… and the quicksand around your feet gets deeper and stronger.

This doesn’t mean that your whole life needs to be overhauled to feel better, it simply means you need some help to make the deep down, inside changes to feel true and genuine joy.

Often, when you’ve been feeling hopeless for so long it can feel like an impossibility.

Soon you’re left wondering if wanting more is just a child-like pipe dream or fantasy… and maybe you just need to get over yourself?? Maybe life is just hard and you don’t really get to feel like you matter much because you have other people and responsibilities to take care of??


The truth is, struggling is normal! Maybe not on the “highlight reels” of your Facebook friends, but behind the curtain everyone struggles! Facing challenges and having setbacks is part of life, but that doesn’t mean that getting out of a stuck-state isn’t hard, because IT IS.

It’s scary as heck to ask for help, to confront issues, and to be honest about the hurts and longings in our life! You know that it means that something will need to change… and comfort is more tempting than courage most days.

But not anymore!!!

After working with hundreds of people, I am CERTAIN that it’s possible for you to live in joy and in connection again. You can assert your needs and give yourself a voice while still being a good person! Even though you might feel stuck, depressed, lost, anxious, and/or overwhelmed right now, it doesn’t mean that you are a hopeless cause.

Instead, you can chart a new path and find your way out of the despair and into a purpose-driven life!

And that’s where I come in:

I’ve been a Licensed Professional Counselor for the past 23 years and I have seen almost everything! With decades of training and experience, have developed a keen ability to read presenting situations objectively, to sense and define what you need, and to discern the changes needed so you can live in full connection with others from a place of “true you.”

At Therapy Mudita, I use my knowledge and skills to empower disillusioned clients to go from a life that’s full of “shoulds” and feelings of emptiness, to a life that they choose and create with intention.

My mission is to help you connect with you again, to help you listen to your inner whispers, and to gain the insights, skills and courage to propel you forward into meaningful action and fulfilling relationships.

I am dedicated to listening to your unique story with openness and compassion and to help you find an authentic way back into your story, as the main character, in a way that brings you happiness AND improves the life of those around you.

I am passionate about helping you develop the trust in yourself to live fully and to add your special “spark” to the world like you are meant to.

Remember, you’re not here by accident.

You are intentional and I will help you live like you matter! 

About Me, Personally

That’s me, the little white-haired girl on the left with my four siblings and dad on our dairy farm in Cashton, WI (mom is behind the camera). Yep, I was a farm kid… I took animals to the 4-H fair, picked rocks in the fields before planting, learned how to drive on a Ford tractor and unloaded wagons and wagons full of hay bales each summer.

Growing up, I had a great life. I always had enough food to eat, we went to church every Sunday, I was never abused as a child, my parents stayed married and I got gifts every Christmas. Lucky me!!

But… on the inside, I struggled.

As a kid, I wrote dark and depressing poetry, engaged in risky behaviors and studied the Holocaust in depth! (I know, odd!) But, I didn’t have a “reason” to be so weird and dramatic… just look at my good life described above! So, I assumed that something was fundamentally wrong with me.

But, the lights “turned on” when I took my first psychology class in high school. I learned about emotional states and the unconscious and I was HOOKED on the subject! My personal struggles began to make sense and my natural investigative mind led me on a course of studying psychology that continues to today.

I began to understand that my emotional world, from a very young age, was complex and intense. I was highly sensitive and emotional and (often painfully) empathic to the sorrow of others. I discovered I wasn’t weird, I was just an empath. I was an emotional being who was trying to live in her head like her parents. 

You see, having a stoic Norwegian father who was emotionally “closed” and a mother who was anxious in her own skin and who filled her void with busy-ness and things, I was never taught about emotions. My role models repressed and avoided their inner discomforts and over-worked and over-shopped to quiet them. We didn’t talk about anxiety or guilt or fear or any of it. We lived based on doing and results, not on fru-fru feelings. 😉

So my journey of self-discovery has led me to understand the dynamic beauty of our emotional worlds. My mission then became to help others manage the complexity of theirs with less despair and more clarity, acceptance and joy. I went to Luther College and earned a BA in Psychology and then to Northwestern University where I earned a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology. I soaked up all the knowledge that I could and then began working as a psychotherapist to share it with the world. 🙂   

I am now the mom of a blended family of 6 children; four boys and twin girls… (see picture attached) and yes, I, too, am shocked that I got a picture of us all holding hands! 😉

I consider myself very lucky because I am as passionate about my work as a therapist as I have ever been! After 23 years of working for other agencies and hospitals, I opened my own private practice in Lodi, WI in October 2018. I now offer a convenient location for local residents to receive mental health counseling that melds my education, advanced training, and my decades of clinical experience. My goal is to help women and men who want to live in more authentic connection with themselves and others.