Therapy with WOMEN

It feels like your life story is being written and you’re no longer the author.

You give and you serve and you always orient your compass to the needs of others. You are swimming in to-do lists, deadlines, dates and dinner planning.

But instead of feeling like a hero to your family, you feel like little more than a life support machine that keeps everything pumping… while your spirit is weakening.

Your days are super busy, but not with things of meaning or substance for YOU. You are the go-to girl for your family’s troubles, their needs, and their expectations and you always rise to meet them. In the meantime, you’re getting a few grey hairs, a few more fine lines and fewer and fewer days that feel connected to your dreams.

Somewhere along the way, you started to shrink to take up less time and energy so you could focus more on your family. You started to neglect your needs because you didn’t want to be selfish and you’ve traveled further and further from the woman you dreamed of becoming.

Now here you are afraid you’re never going to live the full life you were meant to live.

Of course, you knew that life was going to be hard. Everyone has their challenges and setbacks and you’re no exception. But you never thought you’d become so stuck in the mundane routines of life that you would feel bitter and burned out.

You certainly didn’t expect you’d feel so resentful and like a shell of the woman you once were. You never predicted that you’d be so lost and unhappy. And you had no idea you’d feel like the dream of having your own family would also feel like the loss of your soul’s song.

Sometimes you are desperate for time to yourself, but when you have it, you aren’t even sure what you like to do anymore. Your hobbies and passions are distant memories that haven’t been dusted off in years.

When a woman seeks individual counseling with me at Therapy Mudita:

       You will build the skills to set assertive boundaries with others that honor your needs and your voice.

       You will gain the internal wisdom/clarity you need to find compassion for your self-limiting challenges and the power to overcome them.

         You will learn to listen to and trust your internal “knowing” so you can live in closer connection to your true self.

         You will develop the skills to harness your thoughts to support your higher goals and lift your self confidence.

         You will learn how to balance the needs of others with your own needs in a way that supports everyone’s success and emotional well-being.

When I work with you, I meet you as my equal. While I may be the psychology “expert, YOU are the true expert on yourself; knowing the pains and joys you experience and the goals you have for your life.

My goal is through our work together, you will more wholly learn to express your full, authentic self. There is beauty and complexity in womanhood and today’s society has unique challenges and new opportunities for women. It’s an exciting AND scary time.

I will help you merge the dual worlds of femininity and strength into an empowered whole person who lives boldly and unapologetically. No more “Pardon me,” “Excuse me” or “Sorry’s” for being here and taking up space! Nope! You exclaim, “Move on over because I matter and I have something SPECIAL to contribute”!!!